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Alexandra Joy from Pink&Honey

It's Wednesday. Middle of the week, tired and need to keep going kind of day for many of you. Wether you are working in an office or working at home, Wednesdays are that day where we begin to get burnt out and need to find some type of push to move us forward into that happy land of weekend!
In hopes of bringing a bit of pretty and pleasant to your day, I thought I'd introduce you to a friend of mine who happens to be the Queen of making things beautiful!

Instead of me telling you all about who that gorgeous lady is {above}, why don't you read through our little conversation...
And enjoy the pictures!

Alright Love, tell us a little bit about yourself:
Hello friends and readers of Happy Wife. My name is Alexandra Joy and I'm a creative at heart. I'm happiest wearing a dress, sipping good coffee and feeling the sun on my face. I met the lovely Amber Dawn while living in Texas and attending Bible school together, and am thrilled to share some thoughts today about my life and business, Pink&Honey. Thanks for reading! 

Pink & Honey is:
Pink&Honey is my event styling business. We specialize in custom styling for events and weddings, as well as for photo shoots and editorials. We aim to infuse personal and creative touches in every last detail of an event or project. Designing, creating, decorating- it's all about visual interest and putting together an amazing experience for a viewer or guest. 

Check it out!

What's it like having your own business?
There are so many wonderful and challenging things about having a business. I love the flexibility, collaborating with the best clients, pursuing work that excites me, getting to be creative and inspired every day. However, I often miss working with a team. Wedding days are the best because I work with the most amazing assistants. I love being a boss. :) As the owner, you are responsible for every last piece of the business- even areas that don't interest you. It's been an exciting road so far, and when I'm working with beautiful flowers, or hand making a table runner, or choosing a color palette, I'm reminded of why this is worth the challenges. 

All your work is so beautiful! Where do you gain inspiration from?
Aw, thanks! Staying inspired is key to the success of a stylist's role in order to offer clients the most unique and interesting ideas. I look for inspiration everyday, everywhere. I look to nature, food, flowers, color schemes, fabric and fashion. If I'm feeling uninspired, I go for a walk, go to boutiques and explore their merchandising, or sometimes, I simply observe people. For me, it's about seeking out an experience, as opposed to surfing the web.

What's your happiest moment been so far, since starting Pink & Honey?
It's the most amazing feeling seeing a vision come together on a wedding day. There is so much work that happens before that big day, it's incredibly satisfying to see each piece come together to create the cohesive, beautiful vision I'd imagined.  

Sight, sound, thought, smell and taste: What are your favorites? 
1. Favorite Place - My favorite place is somewhere where I'm enjoying a beautiful dining experience with my husband. 
2. Favorite Song - Hmm, I don't really have one. :) I'm into an artist named Zee Avi right now. So mellow and sweet. 
3. Favorite Book - Can't get enough of Kinfolk Magazine. The writing and photography is beautiful. I often cry. 
4. Favorite Scent - Chanel Chance perfume. My mom gave it to me as a gift to wear on my wedding day. It reminds me of that day every time I wear it. 
5. Favorite Healthy Snack - Popcorn with a honey drizzle. 

Lastly, What's one verse that's stood out to you lately, One Truth that God has been pressing upon your heart.
God always brings me back to Philippians 1:6 where it talks about the Lord not being done working in our lives. I strive to be the best I can in so many areas of my life, it's almost a relief to revisit that verse and be reminded God will continue to work in my life always and that he is not finished pursuing me and teaching me.

Thanks for giving us a little peek into your world! 
Your creations always leave me wanting to see more, and I'm so glad to share what you do with all of my friends here!

Now all you Lovelies must check out Alexandra Joy's website!
her portfolio is filled with loads of pretty pictures!

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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